Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slender (adjective)

Slender. Thin, slim, scrawny.

From Middle-English slendre, sclendre, from Old French escelendre ("thin, slender"), from Old Dutch slinder ("thin, lank"), from Proto-Germanic slindraz ("sliding, slippery"). Cognate with Dutch slidderen, slinderen ("to wiggle, creep like a serpent").

A serpent. Slithering like a serpent. Has it ever been described like that? Treelike, yes. Spiderlike, yes. Tentacled, yes. But serpentlike?

When it slides toward you without seeming to move, does it seem like a snake?

Or does it seem like something wholly different, something indescribable.

That is what this encyclopedia is for. To describe the indescribable.

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