Thursday, June 28, 2012

Encyclopedist (noun)

An encyclopedist. 1. A member of a group of French authors who collaborated in the 18th century in the production of the Encyclop├ędie, under the direction of Denis Diderot. 2. A person helping to write an encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedist. 1. Me. 2. Myself. 3. I.

I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier. It was a lapse in judgment that I shall now rectify. I am the Encyclopedist. I am writing the Thin Encyclopedia.
And what is the Thin Encyclopedia? It is an encyclopedia of everything relating to the Slender Man. And I do mean everything. Every proxy, every runner, every thing that can have an entry will have an entry. I suspect that I shall be writing it for the rest of my life.

And why am I writing this? Why do research that could potentially do harm to me, even kill me?

Did I not explain how I was under the Compulsion? I need to write. And so, instead of wasting my writing on trivial things, I decided to dedicate my time and life to creating a compendium of everything related to the Slender Man. A Thin Encyclopedia.

That is my goal. I hope I live long enough to see it done.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Compulsion (noun)

A compulsion. An irrational need to perform an action that often results in negative consequences.

I am a Prisoner of the Compulsion. My fingers compel me to type. I write and it makes want to write more. I fill pages with my thoughts and still my fingers are restless. And so I come to this blog and I write. I am compelled. I have a compulsion.

Have I seen it? Does it haunt me like it has so many others? Well, it must; otherwise, why do I have this compulsion?

Why do I write if it is not because of its presence? Is the Compulsion not a side-effect of it? Or is it just our minds trying to grasp something we are incapable of understanding, trying to force us to write what we cannot, trying to find others that share our own experiences?

Or is the Compulsion completely separate from the Slender Man? Are we compelled because of it?

Or does it target those are who have the Compulsion because they have the Compulsion?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Leptoanthropology (noun)

Leptoanthropology. Derives from three parts: lepto (small or thin/slender) + anthropos (mankind or man) + logy (a branch of learning, studying a particular topic).

So leptoanthropology would be the study of slender men. Or, since there is only one (we think), the study of the Slender Man.

One must be careful in the field of leptoanthropology, since many researchers have lost their lives and sanity in pursuit of knowledge.

Let us be careful, as well as quick and clever.

And let us never forget: when we study it, it studies us.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Run (noun, verb)

To run. The act of running. A pace faster than a walk. To move forward quickly, to go at a fast pace, to cause to move quickly.

Let's try some other definitions, shall we?

An interval or distance of time.

A series of tries in a game that were successful or unsuccessful.

A trial of an experiment.

A standard or unexceptional group or category.

The enclosure for an animal.

A sequence of cards in a suit in a card game.

And so on.

The one I find interesting is the trial of an experiment. So when a runner begins a run, is he or she an experiment? A test in how long they will survive?

An interval, distance of time, a series of tries. A run of bad luck.

An enclosure for an animal. A rabbit run.

You have to look at words, look at what they mean, not just what we think they mean. Because otherwise they will trap you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slender (adjective)

Slender. Thin, slim, scrawny.

From Middle-English slendre, sclendre, from Old French escelendre ("thin, slender"), from Old Dutch slinder ("thin, lank"), from Proto-Germanic slindraz ("sliding, slippery"). Cognate with Dutch slidderen, slinderen ("to wiggle, creep like a serpent").

A serpent. Slithering like a serpent. Has it ever been described like that? Treelike, yes. Spiderlike, yes. Tentacled, yes. But serpentlike?

When it slides toward you without seeming to move, does it seem like a snake?

Or does it seem like something wholly different, something indescribable.

That is what this encyclopedia is for. To describe the indescribable.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Beginning (noun)

The beginning. That act of doing that which begins anything. The action that is the start of events or the telling of events. Entrance into being. The first act, effort, or state of succession of acts or states.

This is the beginning.

Welcome to the ongoing, still being written Thin Encyclopedia. Where each word has a special meaning.