Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Compulsion (noun)

A compulsion. An irrational need to perform an action that often results in negative consequences.

I am a Prisoner of the Compulsion. My fingers compel me to type. I write and it makes want to write more. I fill pages with my thoughts and still my fingers are restless. And so I come to this blog and I write. I am compelled. I have a compulsion.

Have I seen it? Does it haunt me like it has so many others? Well, it must; otherwise, why do I have this compulsion?

Why do I write if it is not because of its presence? Is the Compulsion not a side-effect of it? Or is it just our minds trying to grasp something we are incapable of understanding, trying to force us to write what we cannot, trying to find others that share our own experiences?

Or is the Compulsion completely separate from the Slender Man? Are we compelled because of it?

Or does it target those are who have the Compulsion because they have the Compulsion?

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